River Hills youth

Community Youth Focus

One of our joys at River Hills Church is the diversity of students in our surrounding community. We want to provide a safe environment for all to gather together, be introduced to Jesus and to reach students and their families for the Kingdom of God and equip them to live out the abundant life that Jesus wants for all of us!

Youth Discipleship Focus

Timothy Youth Discipleship is not your typical youth group! River Hills Church recognizes that there are some students who are ready for a more intentional and purposeful discipleship process; one that includes deeper study, community accountability and intentional service. 


Timothy Youth Discipleship is intended to:

  • Guide young people into an alive and active, growing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Train them up for service and leadership withing their families, local church bodies, community and the world.

  • Train and encourage them in living out and sharing the Gospel with their peers

For further information about our Youth Discipleship program, please contact Shannon Tesler at the email link below.

Family Discipleship Focus

Our students are encouraged to welcome their families into various service opportunities that we have built into our student ministries. Here, families will have many opportunities to learn and serve together shoulder to shoulder in God’s Kingdom work! They will learn to see and respond to need, learn where God has gifted them in service, and learn how to step out of comfort zones and trust God in what He asks them to do! This is an incredible time for both the students and their families to witness the Holy Spirit at work. Many of our outreach and service opportunities are through missions that River Hills Church supports on an ongoing basis. Look for new opportunities each month.


We also encourage our families to be actively engaged in what their student is learning and doing. We believe that it is our job to walk with you as families in equipping your student in their walk with Jesus. That means, we will include you in communication, in prayer, in encouragement and in opportunity.


If there are any further questions, please email or text Shannon Tesler at the link below.