give Online

Giving is part of our worship to God. And since we exist to lift Jesus higher than anything else, and Jesus life was defined by generosity, we follow His example and desire to be generous people of God.

We are excited to be transitioning to an easy and safe way to express our worship to God through giving online through Push Pay. Click the link below and it will walk you through the steps to give to the Kingdom work here at River Hills.

Giving just got easier

We are making a transitioning from Clover Give to Push Pay. We believe that this will be an easier and better platform to continue our worship to God in giving. If you have donated online through Clover Give and made your gift "recurring" we want to say thank you, however we are going to ask that you follow the old link below and cancel that recurring gift on Clover Give and then follow the link above to set up your new recurring gift. Sorry for the incontinence but we believe that this will better suit our needs going forward. Thank you