Kid's Ministries

We believe that it is very important for young children to develop a positive, exciting view of church from a young age. We don’t want students to think that they are the church of tomorrow; instead we want them to grasp what a special and important role God has for them in the church of today. We seek to create a fun and exciting atmosphere of worship, learning, playing, and serving so that young students can connect with church on their level and get excited about getting to come to church each Sunday.

Kids Church

Kid's Church is a ministry to children ages 5 to 11. The overall purpose of Kids Church is to introduce children to Jesus Christ and help them develop a deep and lasting friendship with Him. This acquaintance and friendship with Jesus is developed and deepened as students acquire a foundation knowledge of the Bible, while experiencing the truths of God’s Word in creative, relevant, and unforgettable ways. 

Pre-School Ministry

Our goal is to have a bunch of fun while learning about Jesus! Our team of teachers make it their mission every week to help these little children learn about Jesus in a way that they understand and comprehend. The play games, sing songs, do crafts and learn a bible story geared right for them.


Our nursery takes care of all the babies that come through the doors in a very professional, safe, and loving way. Your babies safety is vitally important to us. We have a qualified group of loving parents and grandparents that care for our babies in a safe environment. 

We make sure that every one of our teachers is qualified and has passed background checks before they teach in any of our kids classes.